Carlos Antonio are pleased to answer any questions you may have – below are a few that are asked on a regular basis:

Q – You are a new brand therefore a new business, how do we know we can receive the support our company needs.

A – Yes we are a new brand but with over 24 YRS years of experience in S.E Asia both domestically and internationally , our team consists of worldwide business people who believe in not only delivering great products but also great service to our networking channels. ” customer is king mentality ”

Q – Can we place an order without your branding / logo.

A – Yes of course , we have two options, firstly you can order un-branded products and secondly if you desire we can manufacture/design your brand name onto our cotton label’s – obviously an extra cost will occur for this service and the MOQ for the labels is 500.

Q – What process do you use for manufacturing Silk and Raw products.

A – This process is a long and painstakingly done with care in our Silk worm farms in S.E Asia – we have dedicated a page to this found  on the menu bar or via entering this URL  we believe not only is this informative but a very interesting process.

Q – What type of dye do you use for your products

A – For the bright color’s we use chemical, .when it’s washed a little bit may come out. like the famous Levi jeans, when washed they not only shunk but also you lose a bit of the color .For natural color’s, we use , we use natural material’s such as prohut, lychee, banana leaf, chomposot, leak Khmer , paper flowers, coconut.. All materials of S.E Asia

Q – Can we have sole distribution rights for the UK/Areas once your brand name start’s to be recognized by the public.

A Not at this moment in time, we will though in the future possibly work on sole distribution if the name/ brand takes off with the right Distributor’s who can deliver and match our exceptions in the selling cycle plan.We will though of course though offer this opportunity to the companies that have grown with us and made this possible. We may even one day go down the franchise route, but this is a long way off…

Q – What are your lead times for manufacturing

A – Our lead times represent the order size, we always carry limited amount stock off each product we sell, we are manufacturers as well has distributors at present and we work by order in some cases as we can make practically any design and in the future when we grow, we presume this will be an order based process. Now our turn around is under a month if we don’t carry the stock for quantities.

Q – Why don’t you have prices on your Blog / Website?

A – The main reason we don’t include pricing is because there are so many techniques used and different designs and we have different tier pricing for quanities, we can though give you a very competitive pricing for these unique pieces, once we establish our clients / customers needs – If you would like specific pricing on anything , please do not hesitate to contact our Sales and Marketing Manager on .

Carlos Antonio will be adding more general questions has we develop our brand, if in the mean time we haven’t covered anything you need to know, please do not hesitate to email direct our Sales and Marketing Manager on

Carlos Antonio Company Ethos

  • All of our items are usually produced by skilled artisans from local areas in Cambodia – NOT cosmetically manufactured in large volumes, such has China at present, we believe in the unique quality experience and we work with local farms/people, thus keeping their culuture alive, which dropped drastically between the horrific Khmer rouge regime , thus helping communities grow and prosper for the next generations of Khmer children.  Our company also believes our products should be fun, colorful, unique and above all be ethically sourced.