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Sai or The Shuttlecock Kick Game: The Craziest Game Ever…in Cambodia now expanding into Europe / USA / Asia.

main 3  Ten pack SHUTTLECOCK MAIN

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Product may come in different feathered colors

Will come packaged or unpack-aged depending on quantity bought – please specify with us first!

If packaged for small quantities – will come in foreign language package from Vietnam.

Recipient will be responsible for any income duty via customs clearance.

Traditional Asian game in which players aim to keep a heavily weighted shuttlecock in the air using their feet and other parts of the body (but not hands, unlike the similar games peteca and indiaca). The game, which goes by many different names, may be rules-based on a court similar to badminton and Volleyball, or be played artistically, among a circle of players in a street or park, with the objective to keep the shuttle ‘up’ and show off skills. In Vietnam it is the national sport, played especially in Hanoi. In recent years, the game has gained a formal following in Europe, the United States and elsewhere. In English, both the sport and the object with which it is played are referred to as “shuttlecock” or “feather ball”. No racquets are used.

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Product Attributes

Color: White / Multi colored

Occasion: Sport / Lifestyle