Raw Silk

1. Untreated silk as reeled from a cocoon.
2. Fabric or yarn made from untreated silk.
3. Silk noil.

This fabric is also known as Silk Noil. It’s a nubby fabric in a natural off-white color. The fabric has random tan flecks throughout the weave. It has a somewhat rough texture but it has a soft gentle drape.

  • 100 % raw silk
  • 2 Sizes available from ( 1 ) 40cm – 160cm / 170cm ( 2 ) 50cm – 160cm / 170cm
  • Approx weight 60-80 grams per scarf
  • Can be worn in over 110 different style’s
  • This may shrink 11% in Length and 5% in Width when washed
  • When washed you also may find that the fabric will become softer after first wash
  • Machine wash in any temperature water – please remember thou these have been dyed, so don’t put in a too hot of a cycle at first or with whites.
  • We supply to Distributors / Wholesalers / Retailers / End users
  • Our designs at present are the following – One colour – Two colors

Carlos Antonio are pleased to announce we have the RAW 100% silk scarf’s now in stock, for more information on pricing / shipment and pictures / colors please contact us via this site or our Sales and Marketing Manager on tonymoorhouse@gmail.com

( We offer the following labelled services on our scarfs – Carlos Antonio Brand ” Free” / Your Co Brand “Chargeable “  / Un -Branded “Free” )

Raw colors – include Oranges, Red’s, Blue’s, Yellow’s, Green’s, Pinks.


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