The process of making fine silk / raw silk from the silk worm

Where silk comes from – Answer: Worm spit

  • Silk production process is also known as Sericulture, it dates back to around 4800 years ago in China
  • Larvae hatch out of eggs after around 14 days . The eggs were laid by adult moths
  • The larvae feast on mulberry leaves , they eat continuously for about 42 days
  • Then its cocoon time – they spin their silk cocoon for about 3 -8 days
  • One strand secreted by salivary glands about 1000 feet long
  • The chrysalis is then killed by steam or the sun or boiling
  • The cocoons are then loosened in hot water and unwound
  • Several strands are then spun into a thread
  • Raw silk comes from outside of a cocoon – Fine silk comes from inside of a cocoon
  • Workers painstakingly remove clumps and debris
  • The silk is then dyed any colour of the rainbow
  • A warping wheel divides the fine silk thread
  • It takes about 2500 silk worms to make one pound of silk

Cool Weather: Keeps you warm

Warm Weather: Keeps your body such as your neck / head covered against the sunlight and possible sunburn.