Welcome to the latest products of our NEW global brand name Carlos Antonio, @ present were selling the finest 100% Silk / Cotton Scarves – manufactured painstakingly with care within our silk worm farms in S.E Asia .

Brand Awareness:

Carlos Antonio don’t mass produce their products on a machine – our products are all made by the ancient traditional methods of weaving via Artisans – We don’t compromise on the quality of these products , thus we also don’t declare these will be the cheapest in the silk market place, however we do shout out, these will be fine silk at there best.

Carlos Antonio new label for packaging

More products to follow – please join our community – you won’t be disappointed and hopefuly one day we may be a household name like the gifted people below

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow”

Coco Chanel

Giorgio Armani

Calvin Klein

Ralph Lauren

Christian Dior

Pierre Cardin

Yves Saint Laurent

Fingers and Toes crossed!