Carlos Antonio S.E Asia – originated from the name’s of two men from Yorkshire UK

Carlos as in my late brother called Carl, who was a gifted gentlemen and who loved his family, a businessman in his native seaside town called Scarborough UK,  who had a successful sporting couple of decades both in Boxing and Football locally and within the Yorkshire regions – Sadly Carl  passed away @ the young age of 48 leaving his beautiful wife Julie and gorgeous children Alexandra and Bobbie – Carl is sadly missed by many locally and worldwide and hence this tribute in a brand name to the man himself…

carlos main one

Antonio – is my good self Anthony -who was born in Scarborough and now been living and working in S.E Asia since 1996 – Hence the name Carlos Antonio S.E Asia

Carlos Antonio Company Ethos

  • All of our items are produced by skilled artisans from local areas in Cambodia – NOT cosmetically machine manufactured in large volumes, such has China at present, we believe in the unique quality experience and we work with local farms/people, thus keeping their culuture alive, which dropped drastically between the horrific Khmer rouge regime , thus helping communities grow and prosper for the next generations of Khmer children.  Our company also believes our products should be fun, colorful, unique and above all be ethically sourced.

Story so far:

Welcome to the latest products of our NEW global brand name Carlos Antonio @ present were selling the finest 100% Silk /Cotton Scarves – manufactured painstakingly with care in our farms in S.E Asia .

Silk scarves are a wardrobe staple. They add colour, texture, and interest to any outfit, and are the perfect accessory for all kinds of weather.

More products coming soon – please stay tuned by liking us…