This page will be a Question and Answer page through gained experienced within Cambodia – Phnom Penh

Q / What qualifications does one need:

A / The basics are  intelligence / experience and enthusiasm with an Education certificate alongside , however in all the jobs that we have applied for and been given , we have never been asked to show any paperwork.

Q / Are you legal when employed by a respected Schools  / Uni etc..

A / Not officially, if you don’t have a work permit! Whatever the school says!!

Q / How much is the pay..

A / Not a lot by Western standards but you should be comfortable enough to have a good lifestyle , still travel around Asia , eat well, sleep well, drink well, if you don’t live above your means with money and lifestyle choices.. Standard payment is usually start off at 10 US per hour / lesson or salary based around 1000 US P..M for a standard 25 Hrs teaching – We would recommend the salary option as theirs lots of national holidays in Cambodia, that you would NOT get paid for, if not on salary.

Q / What are the class sizes.

A / This is really based on how long the school has been trading / open for and its reputation. In general though we haven’t witnessed  any large classes above 20.